Art of the Day #111- The Future is Now!

Judy Mech by akella333
Source [1]

There are a few things that can improve almost any story or series. Giant mechs are one of them. I mean, as unrealisitc and silly as they can be… they’re just awesome!

Heck, sci-fi in general is full of stuff that’s just pure awesome, even if it doesn’t make much sense when examined closely. But dang it, it’s just freaking COOL!

So, let’s dive into some really cool pieces of sci-fi art after the break!

Neir AutoGazelle by ThankU830309
Source [2]

Tron Legacy Crossover by a-fantastic-fox
Source [3]

Zootopia – Psychopass 2 by TheLivingShadow
Source [4]

Judy Hopps into Space Commission by felixbrownslc
Source [5]

In the Grid by AirbusTheBest
Source [6]

Space Paranoids: Nick and Judy by MockingjayBases
Source [7]

The Police Fight by 神崎
Source [8]

bun in the shell by leondraw
Source [9]

Wilde Effect Cover Art by Kulkum
Source [10]

Nick Wilde – Dead Zootopia [DEAD SPACE TRIBUTE] by LeonTheSuicideGuy
Source [11]

Galactic Hopps by Giorou
Source [12]

Oath of Gideon by Gerardson
Source [13]

Zootopia in Space! by Pen-Mark
Source [14]

What have they done to you… (Zootopia Fanart) by Neytirix
Source [15]

Iron Fox. by ky-jane
Source [16]

Deus Ex Zootopia by Sinrar
Source [17]

Matrixopia by XPlaysX
Source [18]

From Zoo-Earth with peace to space. by rogbloodyfox
Source [19]

Finnick the Timelord by TheSkunkCat
Source [20]

57307603_p0_master1200 by もなか
Source [21]

Inspector Judy Hopps by TheLivingShadow
Source [22]

cyberpolice by Shelenka
Source [23]

Crossover between Zootopia and Inspector Gadget by viperpitsfilly
Source [24]

Museum Scene – SciFi’d by akella333 by akella333
Source [25]


  1. You know what really impresses me about this fandom, and this "Art of the Day" is a good showcase of? The VARIETY. Considering that Zootopia was only one movie and it was released over a year ago, it's actually astonishing just how vast and varied the fandom has become!
    On a separate note, "Source 15" is very chilling…

  2. Am i the only one that thought Nick would look bad4ss in an iron man suit..?
    Tony and Nick have almost the same personalities exept the "tech genious thingy" i think… 😀

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