Story: Brave, Loyal, Helpful, and Trustworthy

Art by: lenmue0

[Rating K9][Hurt/Comfort][K-9][Complete]

We all have past trauma’s and wounds that come from wrongs that others did to us. For Nick, that painful memory was the night he was muzzled. TheRealFanboy pits Nick in a situation where he has to face those memories again, and even one of the mammals who hurt him. This is a wonderful one-shot that gives us a great look into what it would be like if Nick had to talk with one of those kids who tried to muzzle him, and to have that now-grown kid apologize for what they had done. It’s short, sweet, and extremely touching – definitely worth a read for sure! – Ronald Latranae (Blenderguy15)

Author: TheRealFanboy

Description :
Nick’s assignment is simple enough. Give a lesson on traffic safety. If it weren’t for the fact he’s supposed to hold that for the Junior Scouts. Even more, once there, he has to face more than just dark memories.

Brave, Loyal, Helpful, and Trustworthy
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Additional Tags: Saying sorry is easy; forgiving is the hard part


  1. Fantastic! I started corresponding with TheRealFanboy because of this great little story. Still gets me misty-eyed to read it. Glad to see ZNN feature this. Could easily see this as a great part of Zootopia 2, it feels so canon. Congrats to TheRealFanboy! Hope this can spark your muse even more.. (Yes, I'm greedy. More good stories!) Thanks, ZNN for what you do to boost Zootopia fandom, fanart and fanfic! Delightedly yours, Stubat

  2. This story in particular sparks a certain reaction in me because I was bullied myself as a child, and last year one of my former bullies offered me a profuse apology. It's a beautifully-written story that catches on to the fact that people change when they mature.

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