Art of the Day #93: Color Me Impressed!

Zootopia by Saliov Source [1] Something that always impressed me about Zootopia was its excellent use of color. It is without a doubt the brightest, most colorful metropolis I’ve ever seen- and I’ve lived in some very beautiful cities. The […]


Story: Different Tails

Art: Birchly [Rating T13][Romance][Drama][Fluff][AU][Collection] Simply put, this is one of the best and most comprehensive collections in the Zootopia fandom. Spanning a wide variety of genres and ideas, there’s no shortage of creativity or entertainment in these fantastic tales. I’m […]


Story: A Rabbit Clan’s Fox

Art: Red Velvet Panda [Rating T13][Adventure][Friendship][AU][Complete] This is unquestionably a marvelous tale featuring our fox and rabbit in a Bronze Age AU, when mammals were still learning how to act civilly toward one another and society as a whole was […]


Story: Integrity, Trust, and Bravery

Art: Ziegelzeig [Rating T13][Drama][Crime][Thriller] Hard-hitting and resolute, this work delivers some compelling drama and intertwines it with an intriguing plot that’ll drag our duo into the dark bowels of the city. When Nick and Judy’s world is thrown into disarray, […]


Story: The Greatest Gift is You

Art: Ziegelzeig [Rating T13][Friendship][Humor][Feels][Holidays] After writing such an evocative and distinctive work like Quid Pro Quo, Anon8043 comes back in style with another heartwarming story full of delight and comfort. After braving the first few months of the police academy, […]


Story: Tales of a Sly Fox and a Dumb Bunny

Art: Rem [Rating K9][Fluff][Slice of Life] A wonderful collection of one-shots and drabbles that’ll satisfy all of your WildeHopps cravings. Filled with a terrific mix of humor, emotions, and sweetness, there’s a whole lot to enjoy here as Nick and […]