Comic: Water Under the Burrows Chapter 2 (by MisterMead and WriteAnon)

You wanted more Mister Mead?  We’ve got more Mister Mead!
Continuing the story of Water Under the Burrows, we get a glimpse into everyday life at the Hopps’ home, hundreds of siblings and all!  Not only that, but if you can think of a Zootopia Art Meme that made the rounds in the past few months (like this), then you’ll find it here!
See, Mead?  You can do light and fluffy!  You just have to put your mind to it… I’m just realizing this has gotta be the calm before the storm and something is going to go down in the next chapter, isn’t it?  This is just speculation on my part, but… well, I’ll be anxiously awaiting chapter 3!
Check out Chapter 1 here, and read chapter 2 over on Mistermead’s Tumblr (divided into parts), or read the full comic after the break!


  1. The looks they had upon noticing the rodent scuba gear… hehe…
    Well, was easy to call it early, there's more to that lynx family than they're letting on, but I'll hold my guesses on it being good or bad for now (though, knowing the reputation of the creators….)

    • I'm almost certain that family is related to Gregori (Russian lynx who was one of the villains in the fanfic who died) It seems too obvious, but it makes sense given what we know bout the Water under the Bridge universe. Sadly, they are more than likely here out of anger and bitterness (at least Anya is) and are planning bloody revenge over his death.

    • It's Grigori, isn't it? Anyway, certainly obvious but a decent connection to that portion of the former story. However, I would have expected Nick and Judy to be developing suspicions about a family of Russian lynxes in the area (Nick at the very least). Or we'll see that in the next chapter….

  2. So many easter eggs in this. You have iyts fix&Bin, Jack Savage, Savage Seas, and the backless sweater. Awesome job on including all of those in this wonderful comic!

  3. Nova (Me) : *Pull outs Orb Ring*
    Jade (My gf) : What are you doing??
    Nova (Me) : I m going to cross through universe so i can stop whatever bad things is Mead going to create. Even though the story is starting to good.
    Jade (My gf) : …………………………..

  4. love the "savage sea" refrence
    that was the original script (staring the character Jack Savage) that has elements later on became the concept of the world of Zootopia

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