Story: Tales of a Sly Fox and a Dumb Bunny

Art: Rem

[Rating K9][Fluff][Slice of Life]

A wonderful collection of one-shots and drabbles that’ll satisfy all of your WildeHopps cravings. Filled with a terrific mix of humor, emotions, and sweetness, there’s a whole lot to enjoy here as Nick and Judy go about their lives together, both on the job and in their spare time. Rem289 has also done some fantastic art for a few of these chapters, so make sure to check those out as well! -DrummerMax64

Author: aoimotion

Description :
Just a collection of one-shots about a certain (not so) sly fox and a certain (not so) dumb bunny. Post-film.

Tales of a Sly Fox and a Dumb Bunny

Additional Tags: Sly fox. Dumb bunny.