Comic: Samurai Jack Savage (by RobertFiddler)

Gotta get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack (jack jack- jack jack jack)

After 13 long years… JACK. IS. BACK!!!

I’m certain I’m not the only animation nut who went crazy over the news that Samurai Jack was returning, and on Adult Swim, where it can show the blood that always used to be oil.  This show is awesome.  And tonight, at 11 PM Eastern, the Samurai returns to once again face Aku and his minions.

I’m so excited!!!

So, let’s all go back to the past together with this comic by RobertFiddler, where Jack is Savage, Nick’s a Scotsman, and Judy his formidable wife.

Gotta Get Back… over on Deviantart, or after the break!


  1. how very Usagi from ninja turtles lol. I think the attitude that most people portray Jack Savage with fits that character closer though.

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