What Do I Stand For

Story: What Do I Stand For?

Art by MamaSally [Rating T13][Angst][Police Procedural][One-shot] This story is a simple one-shot, taking place right in the middle of the movie. Dealing with a bit heavier of a premise, the author does a fantastic job relaying an accurate internal monologue […]

Bogo-in Down

Story: Bogo-in Down

Art by 舵丸 [Rating T13][Drama][Complete] Zootopia ended with everyone happy and turning over a new leaf. This includes Chief Bogo, who saw the error of his ways and accepted Nick and Judy into his force. All happy, right? Except this […]

To Mend a Broken Hart Temp

Story: To Mend a Broken Hart

Art by Piti Yindee [Rating T13][Mystery][Crime][Romance][Drama][Complete] The Zootopia fandom has always centered around our favorite rabbit and fox, so sometimes it’s nice to watch them take a back seat and delve into the minds of some of the less prominent […]


Story: Happytown

Art by Gwendolynn13 [Rating T13][Friendship][Mystery][Crime][Drama] One of the things that I’ve always loved about following Nick and Judy post movie is their day-to-day lives as cops. This story starts right in the middle of their day, showing us how a […]

Omnomnomnomnom... Omnomnom.. Nom...

Story: Hunger

by Bug_53 [Horror][Supernatural][Complete][T13] A classic monkey’s paw setup, but executed perfectly. When Judy finds herself put off by Nick eating meat, she wonders what it might be like for her to be able to enjoy it. However, after being offered a […]

The Sound Designer

Story: The Sound Designer

Art by LionKingAlex [Rating T13][Mystery][Crime][Police Procedural] Bunnies can hear lots of things, especially when they record sounds for a living. When a sound designer at a local TV studio accidentally records a break-in at a local pet shop, he soon […]

Wait for Me to Come Home

Story: Wait for Me to Come Home

Art by MamaSally [Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Fluff][Angst][Complete] If you always wanted to read a comforting story about the time after Judy’s resignation from the ZPD and the mammal who helped her back on her feet, then this is your chance to do […]

Sometimes you can cut off a rotting branch, but then you find the rot extends deeper…

Story: Pred and Prejudice

by Midlou [Fluff][Angst][Romance][T13] Nick’s run-in with speciesism in the Junior Ranger Scouts was a turning point in his life. However, the broader implications of that incident – in particular, how deep speciesism runs in the JRS – were left unanswered in […]

What's It To You If I Love You

Story: What’s It to You If I Love You?

Art by Samur_Shalem [Rating T13][Romance][Fluff][Drama][Collection] “What’s It to You If I Love You?” is an anthology of one-shots that worms its way through a number of different emotions skillfully, with an underlying tone of romance shinning through in each chapter. […]

Little Mammals with big hearts.

Story: A Bizarre View in Little Rodentia

by Midlou [T-13][Hurt/Comfort][Angst] A small fic that leaves a big impact, Midlou’s story sees Judy having to talk down a suicidal mouse in Little Rodentia. With a rather large presence, both physical and emotional, Judy opens her heart out, providing a […]


Story: Skyebound

Art by Waga [Rating T13][Fluff][Romance][Action][Slow Burn] A bunny-fox romance at the ZPD, but not with the usual pair. Both OddTheMotoringFox22 and TheUnaccomplishedWriter craft a slow but super cute story where new recruit Jack Savage happens to find himself rather smitten […]

This fic isn't really a linear one – it's more like a big ball of wobbly-wobbly… timey-wimey… stuff.

Story: {Of Clocks and Calendars}

by Jericho Pryce [Historical][Sci-fi][Multi-era][Cyberpunk][Mystery][T13] {Of Clocks and Calendars} just seems to hit all the right buttons for me – historical drama in one arc, cyberpunk in another, a big whammy for our favourite duo in yet another… Jericho Pryce has crafted […]

Story: The Neverwere Moments 2: Brave

Story: The Neverwere Moments 2: Brave

by 6wingdragon [Mystery][Suspense][Family][Drama][T-13] Following on from Trustworthy, 6wingdragon continues his epic series The Neverwere Moments with Brave, where the characters continue their investigation into the strange goings on at the Tri-Burrow Reunion, even as dark forces move against them in the […]


Story: The Neverwere Moments 1: Trustworthy

[Fluff][Slice-of-life][Non-Wildehopps][T-13][Complete] By: 6wingdragon What’s this? A detailed story that’s novel length, well written, holds true to the characters, has depth and isn’t Wildehopps? Yes! And there’s even a sequel! Whether you’re pro- or anti-Wildehopps, this story is one you shouldn’t […]

Caring for a Baby with the Blues

Story: Caring for a Baby with the Blues

Art by FurryLovePup [Rating T13][Humor][Slice of Life][Fluff][One-shot] Police officers usually have to contend with plenty of matters in their daily routines, and looking after a distraught baby at the station is one that certainly takes the cake. What’s more outstanding […]


Story: Anthropomorphic Non Sequitur

Source [Collection][Silly][Fun][T-13][Incomplete] By: ubernoner Need some humor and light, silly reading? You found it! This is a collection of one-shots that were made to be funny and an easy read, and they deliver that and more! ~GorganCM Description: This is […]


Story: WildeHopps Tails

Source [Fluff][One-Shots][Slice of life][T-13][Incomplete] By: Stuffwell Anyone want a sweet, sweet, piece of Wildehopps pie? This story serves it in heaps! Mostly one-shots, but a few connected stories. We have enough fluff to fill a room full of stuffed animals. […]


Story: Sand

Source [Fantasy][Adventure][Action][Humor][Sequel][T-13] By: RedPen Judith’s quest for the mystical Teeth has only just begun! Taking us from the cavernous depths of a mountain to the desolate expanse of a desert, RedPen, ahem, pens another exciting entry into his Wounded World […]


Story: Guardian Blue: Sheepless in New Reynard

Source [Series][Action][Spin-off][T-13][Complete] By: Alps_Sarsis In this spinoff from the third chapter of Guardian Blue, we get to see Sarsis expertly craft and build upon Sharla and her family. Creating an in-depth backstory that also moves the main plot of season […]


Story: Sandcastles

[Mystery][Romance][T-13][Incomplete] By: Tinbuzzard11 Well worth your time is Sandcastles, Tinbuzzard11’s debut foray into Zootopia fanfiction. For starters, there’s the writing, which blends deft description with strong, believable dialogue in a manner you wish all fanfics could muster. And that’s without […]


Story: Uncharted: A Fox’s Legacy

Source [Action][Adventure][AU][Crossover][Incomplete][T-13] By: Dangeresque_On_Ice Uncharted: A Fox’s Legacy kicks off with Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps careening through the jungle in a jeep that’s toeing the line of insubordinate, and while the action may not be as frenetic throughout as […]