Story: A Better Place

Art by Skyvixie

[Rating T13][Family][Drama]

Here’s a new story on the scene that shows Nick and Judy’s relationship develop, that shows them make friends, that shows them look into complex cases and doing their best. An interesting slice of life story that takes bits here, bits there, and plays them out with care. Each chapter will give you something a little different, and there’s much to like, with good characterisations, interesting world building and the promise of bigger things to come. A fic to check out for sure. -OH_Shoot

Author: Soulfire72

Description :
Nick and Judy have been working at the ZPD for three years, and comfortably settled into their roles as partners, as well as lovers. However, as they explore options into finally forming a family, they find Zootopia itself pushing back. After the city’s true nature rears its ugly head, they both resolve to make this new dream a reality – whether Zootopia likes it or not.

A Better Place
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