Story: Sewing Roots

Drawn by Author

[Rating T13][Slice of Life][Romance]

Zootopia! The big city! Full of high paced action, the favourite OCs, all the big and the bold and… -You know what? Sometimes, you just want something different. Something slower and gentler. Something like Sewing Roots.

Set in the world of Zootopia, but with only a light connection, OctavianClef’s little fluff-fest of a tail tells the story of two friends setting out into the big wide world, by jumping straight into the deep end. Buying an old farm, pinching the pennies as they make the DIY repairs needed and struggle on after flying the nest. Already engrossing and cute by itself, before the fact that these might just be more than friends starts taking root.

A great little gentle story with fun art too, and well worth a look-in. – OH Shoot

Author: OctavianClef

Description :
Willow and Lavender leave their homes in Deerbrooke county to start a new life out in Oxton, a small farming town with less than 1200 mammals. Can they get their new home fixed up or have they bitten off more than they can chew?

Sewing Roots

Additional Tags: Hardcore Cottagecore.