Story: Badge & O’Possum: Ace Attorneys

Art by Quirky-Middle-Child

[Rating T13][Mystery][Humor]

Hold it!

This fic is GUILTY -of being one pawsome and crazy crossover. Zootopia and Ace Attorney, two IPs as far apart as you can get, right? Well OBJECTION, Berserker and JackofMinds do an amazing job at crashing these two together into one ludicrous, silly, entertaining and brainteasing courtroom… -drama might not be the right word here. Either way, with a new OC cast and plenty of cameos from the Born to be Wilde – When Instinct Falls verse, this is a highly entertaining fic with all sorts of inventive and seemingly ImPossumable cases to sink your teeth into. It’s enough to convince anyone to cross their fingers and hope for their jury duty summons to come through, and well worth a read.


Author: Berserker88 & JackofMinds

Description :
In an increasingly crime-ridden Zootopia, murder is nothing new, and with it comes the need for a firm finger of justice to defend the innocent. Unfortunately for the innocent, their only defense might just be Eric Badge and Delilah O’Possum, a pair of civil lawyers who have never taken on a murder trial in their lives.

Badge & O’Possum: Ace Attorneys
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Additional Tags: Legal Eagle realism rating: Highly OBJECTIONable!!