Story: The Bill is Due

LoveInLanternlights by gucku

[Rating T13]

Nick has a passion for flair, especially when it comes to celebrating the anniversary of his and Judy’s first date. After two years of extravagant demonstrations, it might seem like step back when Nick decides to simply take Judy to a fancy (and expensive) restaurant. However, this bun has no idea just how special her night will end up being. The Bill is Due, a very cute story of Nick, Judy, and a clever oronym up the vulpine’s sleeve.


Author: donutbarn

Description :
Nick always does something impressive to celebrate his “first-date anniversary” with Judy. She never knows what to expect, but he’s always managed to outdo himself so far. What surprises does he have planned for their third?
A corny little microfluff. Please note the tags; this will be your final warning.

The Bill is Due

Additional Tags: William Aaron McHarris!?