Story: Tails from the 10-7: Responder Stories

Art by SkellyDoll

[Rating T13][Anthology][Humour]

First responders! Everyday heroes. First in, last out, there to rescue is in our time of need. And after their day is done? Well, how about a kick back at the famous 10-7 bar and a talk about their time of weird. A fun little Anthology by Bluelighthouse, focusing on retelling funny stories from real life first responders (well, mostly).

And while we at ZNN are always happy to promote fun little One-shot collections like this, we’re also giving an important call out. You see, this story was always intended as a colab, and BlueLighthouse is eager to share ANY stories you can. Silly, funny, facepawlming, be it police, fire, ambulance or something funkier like search and rescue or on the lifeboats, all tales are welcome at the 10-7. Especially if they include pinecones.


Author: Bluelighthouse

Description :
Join the barkeeps of the 10-7 bar as they lend an ear to the many first responders who frequent the hidden watering hole, sharing stories, jokes, and tales from their shifts.

Based on an actual call, only the names, places, and that this is Zootopia have been changed.

Tails from the 10-7: Responder Stories

Additional Tags: A Police not usual procedural

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  1. Thanks for the feature! Hope everyone enjoys the story. Can’t wait to share more tales soon.

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