Happy Birthday, Rich Moore!

Happu Birthday by @ByronPHoward Source [1] Hey, gang! It’s Zootopia co-director Rich Moore’s birthday. And so, without further ado… ♪”Happy Birthday to you You belong in a Zoo(topia) You talk like a rogue sheep… “♫ Doug-phone02 by @DisneyArts Source [2] […]


The D23 Cosplay Compilation!

D23 is the ultimate expo for all things Disney.  So, it’s no surprise that there were dozens and dozens of cosplayers in attendance.  What is, surprising, though, is just how many of these cosplayers were dressed as characters from Zootopia! […]

Disney Store Japan Merch!

Disney Store Japan Merch!

Recently, ACRacebest released a video of himself unboxing some merchandise that he got from the Disney Store in Japan.  Apparently, not only are there Disney stores in Japan (no surprise there), but they operate on an entirely different inventory than […]