Zootopia to leave Netflix in March!

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Back in late 2016, we were blessed to receive Zootopia on Netflix. Not only did this allow for easier access to watch an incredible movie, it brought a plethora of fans along with it. Handfuls of fans were now able to see the movie for the first time! It didn’t matter whether you watched it with friends one night, with a S/O, or just having a chill night by yourself; you got to watch it.
But now… Netflix and Disney have decided to remove Zootopia from Netflix on March 20th, only a few weeks after its two year anniversary! Not only does it bring shock that they would do this, but to myself and many others, sadness as well. 
Zootopia coming to Netflix was a solid step in the right direction for this franchise, but sadly this era has come to an end. Make sure to view Zootopia on Netflix at least one more time if you can, and if not, there’s always the physical copy!
What are your thoughts on Zootopia leaving Netflix? Let us know!


  1. I purchased Zootopia with bonus features on Amazon, so that I could watch it whenever I want there, rather than on Netflix. It cost me $19.99 to purchase, so it wasn't like I lost anything even with it being removed from Netflix.

  2. No shock really. We should have expected this to happen since Disney announced that they were pulling their content from Netflix to make their own streaming service in 2019. This is an idiotic move by Disney imo, but whatever streaming service they end up making, Zootopia will be on there.

    • Because no one will buy into that, when they have Netflix. Which has a plethora of different movies and shows… and Disney has their movies which are great but I'm pretty sure it's going to be filled to the brim with their shitty preteen Disney channel shows

    • Nobody will want to pay for two different streaming services, and I don't think a lot of people would be satisfied with just Disney content. They will want more diverse selection, which is why I think this streaming service idea will fail spectacularly.

      Although Disney did just buy 21st Century Fox, so I may be wrong here, but I really don't think it's a good idea.

    • Part of the Fox deal included controlling interest in Hulu. Disney won't make their own streaming service, they'll just use their newly acquired Hulu.

  3. That's fine with me, I have Zootopia on Blu Ray and DVD, there is also the possibility of Disney's own streaming site, fine with me still, because Zootopia will be there with other Disney shows.

  4. Didn't Disney just buy Fox? And didn't Fox own a big chunk, if not all, of Hulu? (don't quote me on that, I got that info second hand anyway). If so, I'd guess everything would migrate there. Still a loss tho, since everything on Hulu is drowning in commercials ><

  5. This is one key reason I don't like the idea of relying on streaming. Contracts can expire and you suddenly lose access to content you care about.

    You buy it on DVD or Blu Ray and it's yours, regardless of what contracts are and aren't in place

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