Behold the Glory of the King Lion!

The following is our main April Fool’s Day post, all about Simba the King Lion and why it is both awful and amazing.  If you want to see that, then check it out after the break.  If not, just keep scrolling for more Zootopia content!

Sorry that this article is a bit late:

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     Now as for the actual article. I’m here to tell you about a show named Simba the King Lion made by Mondo TV Italy(yes THAT Mondo TV animated Titanic Movie Italy) that has 104 episodes total, and 2 spinoffs. And no you haven’t read that title wrong this show is knock off Lion King…aaaaaand Bambi.
Pictured the face of a deer who just found out his friend is heterosexual and never had feelings for him.
     It’s also rip off Jungle Book with Baloo and Shere Khan. Really I don’t think this show owns any original concepts except maybe the pedophillic dog named Fox who falls in love with the cub drinking booze in the first image I posted during the first spinoff. Anyways I should probably explain to you why I’m even writing this article…outside of Andy making me.
Accurate depiction of the ZNN workplace.
     Despite this show’s flaws most of the old-guard of ZNN loves this show(and likes to pretend it’s proto Zootopia), and the reason why is because it gets weird and never stops. In the second episode Simba and Buckshot(because copyright he isn’t named Bambi) eat some “grass” and spend the rest of the episode on a drug trip. Later on Simba has a staring contest with the sun and the sun taunts him with the fact that he will never share in its knowledge. This show makes you think that you have it figured out, and just when you think you know what’s coming next the show pulls a bait and switch and suddenly Simba has kids and they are competing in the world soccer tournament in New York to save their kidnapped friend. While the son plays soccer the adults head to the sewers and lead a gang war against sewer rats with flamethrowers and roller skates. Then just when you think that the romance between Fox and Light(Simba’s cub daughter) is going to end because Fox two timed her and lead her to drink her sorrows away with booze. It doesn’t, they have a massive fight at the world cup victory party(spoiler the main characters win) that results in Light chucking a bottle of Cognac at Fox’s head leaving him unconscious and being taken out of the hall in a stretcher. Then Light figures out that she messed up and she gets back together with Fox as the animals of New York give the two of them a goodbye present, the same bottle of cognac that knocked out Fox. I’m sorry whaaaaat?
Spousal abuse for the win.
    Then when you think that is the pinnacle of weird this show can obtain, a pedophillic relationship between a streetwise dog who smokes and a lioness cub, Light’s parents don’t approve, but not because of age…because of species. There is a show where a heartbroken cub yells at her parents out blatant racism because they won’t let her marry streetsmart definitely not a pedophile husbando. 

     The third season and second spinoff introduces a magical kingdom with a golden child and retcons almost everything that happens in the first spinoff and kills the ZNN’s headcanon of this being proto Zootopia. The Mary Su gets magical powers and rebattles Shere Khan and an evil witch woman via the ancient battle of…soccer. The final battle is a soccer match. For some reason Mondo TV really likes soccer. Soccer Soccer Soccer. Right! The article. Long story short go check this show out, and this totally isn’t just an April Fools Joke. And to prove it here be the link to the Simba the King Lion Discord: DO NOT CLICK THIS come join the madness. Well that’s it. Enjoy your April 1st everyone~
I’ll be watching….


    • They are, actually 100{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} from the show "Simba the king lion" and it's two spin offs from Mondo TV.
      A few of the members of ZNN here have subjected themselves to all 104 episodes of this show XD
      That link there is a Link to a discord and in there, there's a pinned "watch together" that's showing all 104 episodes on loop right now XD

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