The ZNN Community Discord Server is Now Open! Come Join Us!!!

Welcome to Castle ZNN! by Fairytalesartist

Come one, come all! After many months of deliberating, planning and implementing, we have finally unbarred the doors and are opening up our very own ZNN Community Server! What does this mean?! Well, let’s go back in time a bit to when Zootopia first opened in theaters.

Back in 2016, the energy and passion for this world was at its peak and many people launched Zootopia Discord servers of their own and the community flourished and grew. Over time, these places, although still active and amazing communities in their own right, began to lose their way as a specifically Zootopia focused platform. ZNN was only a satellite addition to many of these servers, but was in no way a major component. We wanted to build a community again that brought the focus back on what we all love: Zootopia.

Not only that, but to celebrate, we will be having an all-weekend long Zootopia marathon!  We will have more info on that shortly.

For the invite link and the overall intent and purpose behind the server, keep reading after the break and we hope to see you all there!

As already stated, we wanted to refocus the community on bringing the passion and love back into it. So we are inviting all of you to assist us in helping making this community a better place! This is quite a unique Discord server than most others you have most likely joined – mainly because it is centrally focused around ZNN as a site itself. What does this mean? It means that although there are a few places on the server to chill, hang out and enjoy community talk and discussion, its primary goal is to service the website and ultimately the community in getting Zootopia news and content out there for everyone to enjoy!

How does this work? The server is divided up into sections, each featured the specific types of content we showcase on the website: Featured, Original, Outside. Every channel has a description explaining what each is for. We strongly encourage folks to discuss, share and show Zootopia content for those specific channels and help suggest new posts for us to do in ZNN. More likely than not, we can take those ideas and turn them around and make them official ZNN posts with credit given to you! It is intended to be a constant, positive feedback loop between ZNN and the Zootopia community!

You can use this server to talk, live and breathe all things Zootopia and we encourage you to participate with your fellow Zootopians in making this community a great place to be! Our ZPD mods are here to help guide you on navigating the server and where to post what, so don’t be afraid to ask questions, and remember:

Try Everything!

(Well, almost everything- the mods will be watching!)

ZNN Community Server Discord Link


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