Midnight Madness: The Battle of the Buns!

Lola Bunny vs Judy Hopps by Omnicidalclown1992

Ladies and gentlemammals, a challenge has been issued.  Two prominent figures in fandom, JaxBlade and ACRacebest, have engaged in battle, with Mic The Microphone mediating.  And so, at Race’s request, I am enlisting the aid of the Zootopia fandom to help answer, once and for all, that ages-old question:

Can you imagine?  LOLA?  Hate to break it to ya, but her role in her debut film was… well, nostalgia critic explains it best.  She’s literally the token bunny that Judy is not.

Clearly there’s no contest here.  Judy is best bun, and the superior rabbit in every way.  Sure, Lola finally got a fun and interesting personality in The Looney Tunes Show, but that didn’t show up until nearly two decades after she made her debut.

So now, to arms!*  Let’s show them who truly deserves the title of Best Bun!  FOR the lols JUDY!  Do it quickly, since this poll ends around 2 PM EST / 11 AM Pacific!

*no actual arms will be distributed by ZNN at this time.  Please see your local gardening store for the appropriate angry mob supplies if you so desire.

EDIT: Aw, we were so close!  Still, valiant effort for such last-second notice!


  1. If only we had known about this at the start of the poll. XD I'd have written a short story and posted that link on it so that folks could vote after reading. XD

  2. *Cough* Judy would never a 'wife', maybe a waifu. Or whatever. A fictional wife in the sense of the imagination if she were real. Lola was literally made, as far as I know, for the imagination based off of certain aspects of, for lack of better word, 'dream hottie'. So, I'd say Lola is the 'better' bunny wife. *cough* shewasmadeforit.

  3. The game is over, and we have lost in spite of our best efforts. But as long as we don’t give up and learn from this defeat we can never truly be beaten!

  4. Cimar/WildeHopps: Wow, we almost won with only four hours notice. I'd actually call that a win that we rounded up 150 votes in that time. XD Besides, we can be happy in the fact that Space Jam is rated as one of the worst movies of the 90s while Zootopia is one of the best of all time. 🙂

    • We had a different cover image at first, but we had to take it down because a) FA doesn't like direct links to images, and b) I hadn't noticed the artist said "do not use without permission" when I first put it together.

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