Oh Em Goodness, there’s a Zootopia mod for Civ V!

It’s a fact of life: deep down, we all want Zootopia to rule the world.  It’s a dream we all share.  And, as Shia Laboeuf so masterfully put it, “Don’t let your dreams be dreams!  Just DO IT!”.  So if we’re going to follow that sage advice and see that dream fulfilled, then we need to make it happen ourselves!  …or at least in a video game.

This mod, created by WG완비탄, lets us live out that fantasy via the wonderful strategy game, Sid Meier’s Civilization V!  Led by Mayor Lionheart, Zootopia has new buildings, like the ZPD and its overall infrastructure, as well as some good bonuses from the Mammal Inclusion Initiative. It’s truly a civilization I can support ruling for thousands of years!

Unfortunately, the mod does not replace all the units with their animal equivalents (that would be a beast of a task) but it does add two new soundtracks to the game as well- specifically, Try Everything during peace, and a remix of it during war.

You can find the mod over in the steam workshop!  If you have Civ V (and the Gods and Kings and Brave New World expansion packs- it requires those), I highly recommend you give it a play!   Screenshots after the break!


  1. While this is awesome and I will be watching someone play this, I need help finding a particular fanfic. I cannot remember the title, I do remember it not having the best spelling and grammar but it was a NxJ fic and it also had (last time I saw it) around 65 chapters. If anyone knows this particular fic, it would be very much appreciated.

    • You're going to have to be a bit more specific than that. XD We've literally featured hundreds of fics, most of them shipping wildehopps, and several that have dozens of chatpers.

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