The D23 Cosplay Compilation!

D23 is the ultimate expo for all things Disney.  So, it’s no surprise that there were dozens and dozens of cosplayers in attendance.  What is, surprising, though, is just how many of these cosplayers were dressed as characters from Zootopia!  
According to our semi-official correspondent for the event, Cimar of Turalis / WildeHopps, there were 34 unique Nick cosplayers, 32 unique Judys, 4 Finnicks, 4 Bellwethers, and 2 Clawhausers, for a total of 76 unique Zootopia cosplays at D23!  That’s a pretty significant amount for the Cosplay scene.  Take note Disney- Zootopia fans are here, and we’re here to stay!
Thankfully, Cimar got pictures.  A few might be repeats of the same people, but he tried to get as many different cosplays as he could.  All photos were taken with permission, and those photos that do not show the face were done at the request of the cosplayer.  If you see yourself in one of these pictures, leave us a comment down below!
Check them out after the break!

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  1. This one is good friends with the Judy Hopps cosplayer who made that fantastic Judy half-head (since regulations did not allow full heads that covered the eyes). She's got a beautiful Judy fursuit for other events elsewhere, while this one has enjoyed being Nick in a full foxsuit, but still needs to get a better head that resembles Nick and his sly smirk, or that cheerful smile that he presents at Disney parks. 🙂

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