Art of the Day #152

Nick and Judy by Conqista
Source [1]

The past two years have been very interesting when it comes to movies, haven’t they?  A Disney movie about a rabbit cop did better than what should have been one of the most epic showdowns in all of history- Batman vs. Superman.  Heck, the only superhero movie that did better in the box office than Zootopia these past two years was Captain America: Civil War- and that may as well have been titled “The Avengers 3”

Either way, we’ve got an assortment of stuff for you here today, so check out the artists by following the source links, and get your art after the break!

小さい子が大きな物を持つ姿は可愛い(きっとジュディは不満だろうけど) by ahiru621
Source [2]

zootopia~ by wataridori3
Source [3]

Finn Noel by Jaskenator7000
Source [4]

Zootopia Punkzelle by Blleeeaauuurrgghhh
Source [5]

— Halloween 2017 — by Pokelai
Source [6]

Nick Wilde, Zootopia by hanbenP
Source [7]

Gideons pie by Delako
Source [8]

Bye bye tut tut by chirudegilead
Source [9]

Commission by francesca-ictbs
Source [10]

High Inquisitor Hopps by TheWyvernsWeaver
Source [11]

No Name by jman0525
Source [12]

ZTP世界ポリスコレクション’2910 no.5 by UnknownArtist
Source [13]

What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks by borba
Source [14]

Nick And Finick by Rubedored
Source [15]

No Name by @noko_ume_
Source [16]

ZTP世界ポリスコレクション’2910 no.2 by UnknownArtist
Source [17]

Star Fox Wylde? by Pixiefyre
Source [18]

“Benjamin Clawhauser / Po” by taigressmix
Source [19]

Magic Bunny 2 by RubberAnimations
Source [20]

Dawn bellwether by Cryosat
Source [21]

Oh molten heart of mine by iPoke
Source [22]

Dancin’s What Makes Me Whole by yelnatsdraws
Source [23]


  1. IMAGE #5- Cover art for Gazelle's 2006 album 'All Fired Up'Her first double platinum album.

    IMAGE #14- 'Tis the east, and Judyete is the sun…

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