Story: Whitfur’s Gambit

Art by WordSPark37

[Rating T13][Crime][Mystery][Action][Complete]

Within the first few chapters of “Whitfur’s Gambit,” Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are removed from the Zootopia police force by their own paw (or… mouth) — and for good reason, because their latest case is one that’ll take a decidedly unorthodox approach to solving. Luckily, they’re the bunny and fox to solve it, though be wary; their friendship — and budding relationship — may not last the case. A strong effort from WordSPark37 that provides an entertaining mystery, well-written characters and a satisfying will-they-won’t-they romance. ~YFWE

Author: WordSPark37

Description :
A routine drug bust turns into Nick and Judy’s biggest case since the notorious Nighthowler incident. Corruption, betrayal, murder and a dangerous new drug are just some of the things the famous duo will have to face off against as they struggle to bring justice back to their fair city. But will their friendship survive the hardships ahead?

Whitfur’s Gambit
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