Story: All I Want for Christmas

Art by Quirky-Middle-Child

[Rating T13][Sweet][Holiday Special]

‘Tis the season for giving, and Bleh Bluh Blah has a special gift for us all, with a prequel one-shot to Partners in Crime. Christmas Eve in the ZPD finds Judy Hopps in the office filling out paperwork, and even though Nick is at the Police Academy, that’s not going to stop him from bringing Judy a bit of holiday cheer! Short and sweet, this is definitely a story to get you in the Christmas spirit! ~Andy Lagopus

Author: BlehBluhBlah

Description :
A small little story about Judy working late on Christmas Eve with a surprise visit from Nick. Prequel to Zootopia: Partners in crime

All I Want for Christmas

Additional Tags: Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Just letting you know, I keep getting a "Your connection is not private" warning from Chrome on that link for some reason. But if I go to the site directly and bring up the story, it works fine. Maybe it's just my ISP?

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