Comic Dub: You Need More Practice (dub by the ZDC)

MissMekoPete’s Robin Hood / Zootopia Crossover comic “You Need More Practice” is a classic at this point.  There’s something just timeless about Nick and Judy that fits in all sorts of different situations and time periods, and the idea of Nick’s parents being Robin Hood and Maid Marian brings a smile to my face.

So, this classic comic getting a dub from the Zootopia Dubbing Channel is an awesome development.  Starring Jacob Conflitti as Nick and CreativeMultiTasker as Judy (with one of ZNN’s founding members, Tomlocke, as Robin Hood and FutureInspirationManifestation as Marian) and editing by Scootakip, the ZDC did some great work this time around!  Looking forward to more projects coming from them in the future!

Check it out for yourself after the break!

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