Story: When The Stars Wish Me Dead

Art by cabbaj

[Rating T13][Crime][Hurt][Comfort][OC][Incomplete]

Crafting a well-done OC-based fanfic enticing to casual fans despite a shifted focus from that property’s main characters is no easy task in any fandom. Luckily, Cabbaj is no ordinary writer, and “When the Stars Wish Me Dead” is no ordinary story. Follow young maned wolf Jay through a series of events upon his return to Zootopia that finds him reconnecting with old friends, crossing paths with Officer Nick Wilde (and getting paid a mighty fine compliment in the process) and generally figuring out life — all the while finding himself amid a dangerous game played by a ruthless serial killer who seems to have an eye for Jay. You’re gonna have trouble putting this one down. Mild language/violence within. ~YFWE

Author: cabbaj

Description :
Why do we exist? Up in the sky among the stars is where Jay looks for his answers. Follow the young maned wolf through Zootopia with his friends as he copes with everyday struggles. But as a dangerous serial killer starts to leave a trail of blood, Jay has to realize that the stars won’t be always there to help him.

When The Stars Wish Me Dead
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