Story: Barkeeps

Art by OceRydia

[Rating T13][Humor][OC]

Sit back and crack open some brews to get yourself in the mood for this one – a fun, lighthearted and easygoing story that will enliven your senses and provide an endless supply of laughs and good cheer. Originally a part of Cimar’s What If? Collaboration Project, “Barkeeps” is a great endeavor from author Bluelighthouse that contains his usual brand of humor, most of which pushes the envelope of the word “wacky,” and features a sizable number of Nick and Judy’s compadres, including their coworkers and a variety of OCs created by other members in the online Zootopia community. So, if you’re looking for a good time, the 10-7 is the place for you! ~DrummerMax64

Author: Bluelighthouse

Description :
Nick and Judy take turns at being barkeep and bouncer as OC’s from other stories cause problems at the 10-7 bar.


Additional Tags: Whatever you do, don’t ask for the Bogo special.