Story: Between the Lines

Art by TheWaywardKid

[Rating T13][Friendship][Romance][Drama]

It’s no secret to any fans of Zootopia that Nick and Judy have authentic chemistry, a steadfast bond between them that can withstand all sorts of challenges, including prejudice and heartbreak. Taking place directly after the hustle at the natural history museum, this marvelous story shows that this bond of theirs still has a ways to go before they become partners on the force. There’s cute and fluffy moments aplenty, but whenever the story needs to shift emotional gears, it isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with the serious matters. Mostly upbeat and abounding with fantastic character growth, “Between the Lines” is a meaningful, uplifting work that’s as heartfelt as it is ebullient, and effortlessly demonstrates what makes WildeHopps so great. ~DrummerMax64

Author: RemyW

Description :
Ever wonder what happened between the museum hustle and Nick’s graduation? Filled with hilarious banter and heartwarming moments, follow Nick and Judy as they learn to trust one another and build a friendship despite their differences. As their bond deepens, tensions rise and chemistry flares. But they’re just really good friends, right?

Between the Lines

Additional Tags: You don’t need a magnifying glass to see what’s going on between these two lovebirds.


  1. About dang time this was featured here! 😀
    It's very well deserved and – as I understand it from bugging/encouraging Remy – it took so long mostly due to the author's perpetual insistence that the story always needed to be just a little more edited, a little further along…
    Glad to see the trigger was finally pulled! I can't recommend this story enough, and look forward to more once life hopefully lightens up a bit for the author (something which I understand all too well). 🙂

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