Video/Comic: Carrot Mugs (By: MickelPickelVoiceActs)


Looks can be deceiving, or so the old idiom says, right?

What are you supposed to think when your coworker gets you a gift? Especially when it’s not for some special event.

In this comic by ajie-g, we see exactly this type of situation between Nick and Judy.

How will Judy react to some well thought out gifts from her fox coworker?

Find out in the dubbed version by MickelPickelVoiceActs.


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  1. The double blush at the end is too cute! <3

    “Whatever you’re thinking, STOP thinking it, Carrots”
    Oh Nick, Nick… we all know too well that, whatever Judy is thinking, we think the same, because is the truth. 😉

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