Art of the Day #433: Carrot Daze

They Call Her Carrots by GuNMouTH
Source [1]

Hello again, one and all.

A couple of weeks ago, we paid tribute to Nick Wilde’s other passion, namely blueberries. For this week’s Art of the Day collection we’re focusing on Judy’s favorite comestible, the carrot, (another fine product of the Hopps Family Farm.)

Enjoy….and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


We open with an overhead view of the place where it all began…the Carrot Days Festival

Carrots Days Festival by 502
Source [2]

Next, we have some pics of Judy Hopps, hanging with her favorite root veggie.

Little Judy with a carrot; note the makeshift police uniform.

Judy Chibi by Alcoriina
Source [3]

It’s interesting to think about it; as essential as carrots were to the plot of Zootopia, we never saw Judy actually eating one in the film.

(She did come close–in the scene following her ‘wet cement’ encounter with Nick–but ended up tossing it instead.)

Carrot by Fanch1
Source [4]

A concept piece of Judy working the Hopps Family Farm roadside stand.  There are lots of other veggies in this image, but carrots are the central theme.

Judy at the Farmstand by scottwatanabe
Source [5]

I think Judy’s lunchmate here is a rat; he (she) is a mite too large for a mouse.  We love that seating arrangement, with her bud seated on the table-top.

Lunch With A Friend by Fuf
Source [6]

We call this next series of images ‘Farm to Table.’

Judy harvests a carrot.

Carrot Farmer by GlacierClear
Source [7]

…and then brings it in along with the others…

tumblr_o7sn3u0xlN1uopbezo1_1280 by wanderingdoodles
Source [8]

…to the kitchen where she prepares them in a recipe…

Carrots Cooking by Xender90
Source [9]

…and voila, carrot cookies!

Carrot Cookies by NekoArt
Source [10]

Now here’s a couple of pics showing Nick with a carrot.

Aw, c’mon Slick, show a little enthusiasm.

Carrot? Huh? by ChaseFox
Source [11]

That’s better.
(In actuality, foxes do eat carrots…and even like them. )

Harvest Fox by 502
Source [12]

Now, let’s bring Nick, Judy, and the carrots together.

The expectation.

Harvest Time by りくお
Source [13]

The reality.

Carrot farming is easy, huh? by crazyyellowfox
Source [14]

ジュディとニック by べべ by べべ
Source [15]

I think Nick’s interest here is in Carrots rather than carrots.

Carrot Time by PaFull by 78
Source [16]

A reward for a job well done.

Carrot Candy by Suzamuri
Source [17]

Okay, let’s just get silly for the next few pics.

Happy Int’l Women’s Days by @judyhopps44
Source [18]

Flying Carrot by ロッティ
Source [19]

Carrots and Slick by もだな
Source [20]

In Judy’s world, carrots aren’t just for eating.  Here’s three pieces showing her with her favorite carrot-pillow; one as a little girl, and two as a grownup.

Lil Carrot Pillow by りくお
Source [21]

Carrot Pillow by ロッティ
Source [22]

Dumb Fox by freedomthai
Source [23]

On a similar theme to the last three pics, here we have Judy modeling a carrot-themed dress; I really like the design here.

carrots__by_akaonic-da2rsfx by Akaonic
Source [24]

…and here she is, showing off a carrot-themed sweater.

I wish it was Sweater Weather by thisbellrings
Source [25]

And finally…
“Aw c’mon Carrots, have a heart; don’t take a phone-cam picture of me when…Aggghh, grrrrr, I HATE rabbits!”

Nick Wilde Gardening by @NyaasuNekoban
Source [26]

Until next time…