Let's be real. We HAD to feature a Beastars crossover sooner or later.

Story: Zoostars

by J Shute [M16][Crossover][Beastars][Fluff][Angst][Mystery][Comedy][Romance][Complete] Ah, Beastars… The manga/anime many have called a darker, stranger take on Zootopia… Someone had to meld these two worlds together, and that someone it seems is J Shute! Here we see some interesting inter-franchise friendships, humorous […]

Fox in the Burrowhouse, Bun in the City

Story: The Long Game

by Mikey2084 [Drama][Romance][M16] We’ve seen plenty of fics showing the dynamic duo of Nick and Judy getting on well together. This story offers something new, having the fox leave for Bunnyburrow while Judy has her own case in the city. With […]

Omnomnomnomnom... Omnomnom.. Nom...

Story: Hunger

by Bug_53 [Horror][Supernatural][Complete][T13] A classic monkey’s paw setup, but executed perfectly. When Judy finds herself put off by Nick eating meat, she wonders what it might be like for her to be able to enjoy it. However, after being offered a […]

Sometimes you can cut off a rotting branch, but then you find the rot extends deeper…

Story: Pred and Prejudice

by Midlou [Fluff][Angst][Romance][T13] Nick’s run-in with speciesism in the Junior Ranger Scouts was a turning point in his life. However, the broader implications of that incident – in particular, how deep speciesism runs in the JRS – were left unanswered in […]

Little Mammals with big hearts.

Story: A Bizarre View in Little Rodentia

by Midlou [T-13][Hurt/Comfort][Angst] A small fic that leaves a big impact, Midlou’s story sees Judy having to talk down a suicidal mouse in Little Rodentia. With a rather large presence, both physical and emotional, Judy opens her heart out, providing a […]

It's a Date Temp

Story: It’s a Date

by Jsayra [K9][Romance][WildeHopps][Fluff] There’s always a little awkwardness to be had on the first date, and for Jsayra’s take on WildeHopps, our favourite duo are no exception. Read on for a quick glimpse into Judy and Nick’s life as they […]

This fic isn't really a linear one – it's more like a big ball of wobbly-wobbly… timey-wimey… stuff.

Story: {Of Clocks and Calendars}

by Jericho Pryce [Historical][Sci-fi][Multi-era][Cyberpunk][Mystery][T13] {Of Clocks and Calendars} just seems to hit all the right buttons for me – historical drama in one arc, cyberpunk in another, a big whammy for our favourite duo in yet another… Jericho Pryce has crafted […]

Collars do exist. But this isn't a fox must suffer story. (At the moment...)

Story: Under the Sons

by usernamesweretaken [K+][Sci-Fi][Military Drama][Intrigue] It’s Zistopia, in spaaaaacceeee!!!! Usernamesweretaken takes a familiar premise and uses it to create a unique story a long time in the future in a galaxy as close as you can get. Nick and Judy are spaceship […]

Story: The Neverwere Moments 2: Brave

Story: The Neverwere Moments 2: Brave

by 6wingdragon [Mystery][Suspense][Family][Drama][T-13] Following on from Trustworthy, 6wingdragon continues his epic series The Neverwere Moments with Brave, where the characters continue their investigation into the strange goings on at the Tri-Burrow Reunion, even as dark forces move against them in the […]

It's always darkest before dawn…

Story: A Ray of Hope

by Camoss [Mystery][Thriller][Violence][M-18+] Looking for something a bit dark and grisly? Here you are! The story does have many lighter moments, and writes our favorite cop duo in way that’s slightly different, yet still true to who they are. If you […]