Watch Ginnifer Goodwin Read ‘Judy Hopps and the Missing Jumbo Pop’ on Disney’s Twitter

Source: @Disney on Twitter

Maybe you’ve got kids. Maybe you got your kids that Judy Hopps and the Missing Jumbo Pop children’s book. Maybe you’ve read it to your kids as a bedtime story. Maybe they enjoyed it. I dunno.

Well, if that’s the case and it turns out your kids are super tired of hearing the story read in your feeble attempts at Judy Hopps’ voice, fear not, because Disney’s got a treat for you.

The official Disney Twitter posted Wednesday (April 8) a short video of Judy’s voice actor, Ginnifer Goodwin, reading the book to the camera, showing the pictures and everything.

Chances are he’s a little busy since Ozark‘s third season recently dropped online, but maybe Disney can snag Jason Bateman for a reading soon here, too. Doesn’t hurt to dream!

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