Story: Skyebound

Art by Waga

[Rating T13][Fluff][Romance][Action][Slow Burn]

A bunny-fox romance at the ZPD, but not with the usual pair. Both OddTheMotoringFox22 and TheUnaccomplishedWriter craft a slow but super cute story where new recruit Jack Savage happens to find himself rather smitten for a certain patrol car mechanic called Skye, the arctic fox vixen all but happy to hang out with the lonely striped buck in return. Dealing with first meetings and first dates, peeking into their backstories and the friends they hang out with, this fic gives plenty even before you get to the budding romance at its heart. ~J_Shute

Author: OddTheMotoringFox22, TheUnaccomplishedWriter

Description :
Jack Savage’s lonely and humdrum existence as Precinct One’s underrated detective is turned upside down one fateful day when an arctic vixen sits next to him for lunch. Strap in for a journey of romance, action, comedy, and whatever else we can throw in the mix in Oddly Unaccomplished Productions’ first feature length fanfic!


Additional Tags: Slow burn, fluff, funny discussions… Cute!

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