Art of the Day #439: More Fabulous Feral Fauna

Feral Nick and Judy2 by @ss1msy
Source [1]

Hello again, Zootopia fans.

Well, there’s been a lot of great fanart posted on the web of late, showing Nick and Judy in feral mode–and that’s the subject of this week’s Art of the Day Collection.

For those unfamiliar with the term, ‘feral’, a brief explanation is in order. There are two types of cartoon animals.  The first, known as anthro characters, are roughly humanoid in conformation, walk upright on two legs, and sometimes wear clothes. (Example: Disney’s Robin Hood. ) Feral characters, by contrast, resemble wild animals, move about on all fours, and are most often unclothed. (Example: Tod, from The Fox and the Hound.)

The characters in Zootopia, needless to say were almost entirely anthro in nature.  Not today though; today, we present a new collection of fanart, depicting them in all their feral glory. 

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


We open with some images by Msitu-Vita, one of the best Feral Zootopia artists out there.

Anyone who knows their cartoon logic knows what happens next.  While Nick and Finnick are busy arguing, their lunch makes getaway.  (We like Finnick’s frizzed-up tail.)

Mine! by @PeashyPeach
Source [2]

We’ve never seen Nick’s dad as a feral fox before.

Nick’s Foxy Dad by @PeashyPeach
Source [3]

Here’s a sketch of a feral Nick, together with Judy’s niece/little sister, Cotton.

Nick and Cotton Sketch by @PeashyPeach
Source [4]

Colored version of one of the above sketch-pics.  Ain’t she adorable?

Feral Nick and Cotton Color by @PeashyPeach
Source [5]

He’s mad, MAD I tell you.  ( Note the tail and leg, sticking out of Nick’s mouth.)

We’ll feast for days. by @PeashyPeach
Source [6]

Here’s Msitu’s latest.  Expanding on the theme of Nick’s feral dad, in this pic his father is none other than Foxy-Loxy.

Feral Nick bin Bad by @PeashyPeach
Source [7]

And now some pics by another master of Zootopia feral fanart, an artist whose work we’ve featured before, the one and only Qalcove.

By The Waterfall by @QalcoveArt
Source [8]

Sly fox, slier bunny.

Feral Fox and Bunny by @QalcoveArt
Source [9]

One thing foxes and bunnies have in common is that they’re both crepuscular in nature.  What that mean is this; both Nick and Judy’s species are most active in the periods between first light and sunrise, and sunset and full dark.

Unbelievable by Qalcove
Source [10]

Qalcove is one of the few Zootopia Fan-artists that draws Nick and Judy as feral anime characters.

Happy Birthday Monoflax by Qalcove
Source [11]

Feral Nick in two different moods.

A different kind of Wilde by Qalcove
Source [12]

And here’s Qalcove’s latest work.  Umad, fox?

Bad Day 4 Feral Nick by @QalcoveArt
Source [13]

Here’s three images of a feral Nick and Judy from an artist by the name of Orangeandbluecream.  We especially like that third one.

Note the whiskers on Judy’s face; that’s something we almost never see in Zootopia fanart.

Colored Non-anthro Nick and Judy sketches. by orangeandbluecream
Source [14]

We’ve seen Nick drawn with whiskers before…but never above the eyebrows.

Colored Non-anthro Nick and Judy sketches. by orangeandbluecream
Source [15]

Colored Non-anthro Nick and Judy sketches. by orangeandbluecream
Source [16]

Here’s a couple by Rikuta, another one of our favorites.

I saw human judy(fanart). She looks very cute!! by rikuta
Source [17]

I saw human judy(fanart). She looks very cute!! by rikuta
Source [18]

Two by Lynx-Brush

Don’t Worry, Carrots by Lynx-Brush
Source [19]

You Don’t Taste Like a Carrot by Lynx-Brush
Source [20]

If you’re worried that Nick might have found Judy to be just a little TOO tasty in that last pic, fear not…

comic311 by orangeandbluecream
Source [21]

We continue with some random images of Nick and Judy gone feral

The title of this one pretty much explains it.

Semi-Feral by @monmokamoko
Source [22]

Well…what?  Did we not say that feral characters are most often unclothed?

Nick and Judy Went Feral by @JoseAR15S
Source [23]

Zootopia Appreciation Day by fluffycakedogg
Source [24]

Sharing a secret.

Feral Whisper by @monmokamoko
Source [25]

Feral Nick and Judy1 by Missoli
Source [26]

Ever have one of  those nights when you just can’t get comfortable?

Fox and Rabbit Messed Up by @monmokamoko
Source [27]

Here’s a bit of a rare one, a Wildehopps feral pic.

Feral Romance by Sketch Castle
Source [28]

No idea what this one is about; but who cares?  It’s cute.

Ferals in a Jar by MG
Source [29]

We wrap things up with quick series, showing of some of the other Zootopia crew in feral form.

 An Inktober pic with feral versions of Skye and Jack Savage

16: Wild by @afruitvegetable
Source [30]

Nick and Finnick again

Lick by CaptainSkee
Source [31]

Here’s a couple featuring Benjamin Clawhauser.

As we mentioned above, the Zootopia characters were almost entirely anthro in nature.  Now comes the one exception.  Whenever one of them was darted with Nighthowler, they reverted instantly to feral mode.

Savage Clawhauser by sealbeibei
Source [32]

A somewhat more sedate feral version of our favorite plus-sized cheetach.

Feral Zootopians WIP by dodgyrom
Source [33]

And finally…
If WE can’t unsee this, you can’t unsee this!

ZPDs New Mascot by Littlewolf112
Source [34]

Until next time…


  1. Something obvious is VERY wrong with that last picture of Bogo. Hint, he’s a bull not a cow.

  2. Aaack agree. One of the best collections yet, then that last one. The lead image is my favorite; Judy looks so happy in her new fox stole!

  3. Pretty neat stuff. Though some of the contexts regarding PeashyPeach’s works are off.

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