Art of the Day #03: The Gang’s All Here

Wary Wolf and Botanic Bun by @Ribbontini
Source [1]

And Hello once more, Beastars lovers.  The above image is one of the early concept drawings for the series.   Note how different Haru’s face is from way she looks now, (a very good thing, in our opinion.)

And that brings us to today’s Art of the Day collection.  Last week we showed you some of the original Manga Art (and fanart) that became the basis for the Beastars Anime series.  Today we’re introducing you to some of the characters. 

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


We begin with some images of our main wolf, Legosi

Legoshi Goof-Troop Style by Ruffu
Source [2]

Lego my Eggo…get it?

Lego my Eggo by @CiderBunArt
Source [3]

BEASTARS2 by duckbanks
Source [4]

Such a kink in the neck by @skecchiart
Source [5]

And now heeeeeere’s Haru.

Haru [Beastars] by SafulousArt
Source [6]

Goof Troop Haru by @Ruffu_
Source [7]

Haru Beastars Fanart by klaun
Source [8]

Next up, some pics of Legosi and Haru together.

Crossover with the movie that almost won the 2016 Oscar for Best Picture.

Lovely Night Beastars by KameChann
Source [9]

Beastars wall by Enkie
Source [10]

She just doesn’t know when to quit.

Beastars – Kazooie by Pen-Mark
Source [11]

Cartoony Legosi and Haru

I love Beastars by @meowmavi_artist
Source [12]

Daily number 300, Beastars by ConfusedEWE
Source [13]

And on to some pics of Louis a deer-buck with a habit of shedding his antlers prematurely.

Louis-Beastars by kuroshiroba
Source [14]

Together with Legosi

Beastars is Out by @dilukharts
Source [15]

With frenemies like this….

Beastars Fighting Instincts by darkspeeds
Source [16]

Legois, Louis by Q太郎
Source [17]

Beastars 5 by HazakyAracely
Source [18]

Next up, some images of Beastars’ Big 3

Them by @CussinDave
Source [19]

FF – Beastars by Seyumei
Source [20]

Beastars 6 by Gajebump
Source [21]

Here’s some pics of Juno, Beastars’ main female supporting character.

Juno by Zwiezda
Source [22]

I Love Juno by @Nexcoyotlgt
Source [23]

Juno From Beastars by @LugioDraw
Source [24]

Juno, out with her best GFs

Room 306 by hyhlion
Source [25]

And then there’s this animal.

Beastars3 by Imalou
Source [26]

Pina by Saikage
Source [27]

Here’s a couple of Bill

Legoshi and Bill by bearlovestiger13
Source [28]

Bill From Beastars by Niwan
Source [29]

….and Jack

Beastars4 by purpleninfy
Source [30]

Beastar Jack by 詩カバネ(飯田ベル)
Source [31]

Beastoars, Collo Legosi and Jack by DarkMoonRAY
Source [32]

Not surprisingly, it’s very hard to find SFW pics of Kyuu.

Kyuu by Ainhoagm99
Source [33]

We finish up with the rest of the Usual Suspects

Clair, Louis Beastars by のみじ
Source [34]

Sebun, Beastars by Ainhoagm99
Source [35]

Gouhin by DaT
Source [36]

Eye on you by のみじ
Source [37]

Carnivorous by watagashikn
Source [38]

Beastars Melon by Starscream7799
Source [39]

And finally…the cast of Beastars reminds you to always practice safe distancing, (or ELSE!)

Quarantined by 獣桜
Source [40]

Until next time…


  1. The real tragedy is no one loves Kai or Aoba. They’re the only ones I actually like and respect. Aside from Jack but he’s basic b stuff, the pumpkin spice latte of characters.

    • I’m not sure what’s more basic: Not liking jack out of fear of being basic or just plain liking Jack.

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