Art of the Day #435: Hats Off to Zootopia

Today’s Drawing by Zootopia-JudyHopps
Source [1]

Hello everybody and Happy Monday, (or is than an oxymoron?)

As any filmmaker can tell you, a hat can be an expressive prop when properly utilized.  Witness young Judy’s confrontation with Gideon Grey, early on in Zootopia. Just before she delivers the line, “I don’t know when to quit”, she fastens her police cap firmly on her head–leaving absolutely no doubt that she means it.

Then there’s the scene following Judy’s resignation from the ZPD, when she’s back in Bunnyburrow, helping out at the Hopps Family Farmstand.  The big, floppy hat she’s wearing, (see our featured image) lends an added air of sadness to her appearance. 

And, let’s face it, she looked about as formidable in that meter maid’s cap as the average Nerf ball.  It was with good reason that the directors had her throw it away when she set off in pursuit of Duke Weaselton

And so, today’s Art of the Day collections pays tribute to the subject of headgear in all its varied incarnations.

Enjoy….and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We open with a series of images showing Judy modeling various types of hats.

Here’s little Judy, trying on her homemade police cap for the first time.

Unknown by @strawberry628
Source [2]

Remember this? (From the Carrot Days talent show scene.)

Young Judy by Celtycki
Source [3]

Next, we have Judy in a sun hat.  (We’ll be referencing this piece again, further down.)

Fancy Hopps by S-Dash
Source [4]

We just had to have one of Judy in her meter-maid’s cap.

Maid of Meter, I’d Love to Meet ‘Er by GuNMouTH
Source [5]

Here’s Judy, sporting a baseball cap.  Looks good on her, don’tcha think?

Going to work by francesca-ictbs by Francesca-ictbs
Source [6]

I don’t know what the heck a ‘graffiti hat’ is, but this is another good look for our favorite bunny-cop.

Graffiti hat by @kabe2mugi
Source [7]

Now…check out this pic and you’ll see what we mean about how a floppy hat adds to the air of melancholy.  Compare this hat with the one Judy has on in image #4.  If she were wearing that hat in this pic, she wouldn’t look nearly as sad, tears or no tears.

Sad Judy by @KikiPupper
Source [8]

Bunn-ThugZ in Harmony

Carrots by tartii
Source [9]

A hat for colder weather

One hour graffiti Judy and Sunset by ThankU830309
Source [10]

Judy Hopps (request) by EestiKodanik
Source [12]

No way could we post a collection like this without including a pic of Judy in a beret

Judy in a mil-spec fatigue cap; okay, we’re kind of cheating a little on this one, since it’s a crossover.

Judy but as Scout. Bonk by @EngineTrap
Source [13]

Now let’s move on to some images featuring Nick Wilde showing off various kinds of hats.

Here’s little Nick in an ‘old school’ Junior Ranger Scout hat, (but not for very much longer, by the look of things.)

Wilderness Training by wolfjedisamuel
Source [14]

“Sheesh, you set ONE little house on fire….”

Scout Time Out by tippytail
Source [15]

I like the way Nick looks in a stovepipe, don’t you?

The Professor Nick Layton by Victorique06
Source [16]

This is supposed to be a cowboy hat, but to me it looks more like an Aussie drover’s hat.

Cowboy in Sahara Square by FattyBoyCanDance
Source [17]

This looks more like a cowboy hat to me; say hello to The Fox With No Name.

Stare by HAIsulfull
Source [18]

Here’s two pics of Nick in a snap-brim hat.

tumblr_o6xbz8Y6Jb1tphyawo1_540 by haloman1170909
Source [19]

To me, this one has just a little bit of a pachuco vibe to it

Zootopia fan art by AidaZeitgeist
Source [20]

A couple of Nick in a nightcap

Sleeping Nick by scosplash
Source [21]

Hard day at the work by juantriforce
Source [22]

Robin called; he wants it back.

Nick Wears Robin’s Hat by @Chrissie_Zullo
Source [23]

Nick in 50’s-era FBI mode, complete with fedora.

Nick Wilde From The FBI by FurryTiger
Source [24]

And here HE is in a baseball cap…and there’s Judy on the hose, and so…

CUT IT OUT, CARROTS! by Fairloke
Source [25]

That takes us into our ‘hats-off’ gallery of the two of them together.

Lemme fix that by @strawberry628
Source [26]

Wait’ll she meets the March Hare…

Mad Hatter and Alice by @ryota1302
Source [27]

Concept art for a scene in the ‘tame collar’ version of Zootopia.  The puffball sticking out the top of Nick’s hat is actually Judy’s tail.

That time Nick wore that Funny Hat in Tundratwon by @ByronPHoward
Source [28]

You knew this was coming.

“C’mon Nick, sing it with me, ♪M-I-C-K-E-Y…♫”
“Oh, go away, Fluff!”

Ear Hats by JohnMigle
Source [29]

Next up, a couple of pics showing Nick and Judy trading hats.

Zootopia Hats by Pen-Mark
Source [30]

You are sooo going to get it for this, fox.

Let me try your hat by @Nick_Wilde_RP
Source [31]

Here’s Judy, with Nick in a Spring hat.

Spring by @strawberry628
Source [32]

Cool image of Nick in a vintage topper and Judy in a retro floral hat

Zootopia in Vintage Style by SlothyAmphawa
Source [33]

All right fox, give it back.

zootopia_by_dasketcherz-d9skwk7 by DAsKeTcHeRZ
Source [34]

“The games afoot, Carrots!”
“Oh, shut up and take that silly thing off.”

Zootopia Judy by exelixi
Source [35]

We close with a couple of pics, featuring two of Zootopia’s minor characters in vintage headgear.

Here’s Gideon in a 19th Century chef’s hat.

Victorian Zootopia Gideon Grey baker fox by FairytalesArtist
Source [36]

And Officer Fangmeier in a Victorian Bobby’s hat.

Victorian Zootopia Fangmeyer by FairytalesArtist
Source [37]

And finally….
Personally, I think Bullwinkle Moose did the rabbit-out-of-a-hat shtick much better, don’t you folks?

Hat Trick by JackOrJohn
Source [38]

Until next time…


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