Special Art of the Day #434: Happy Easter, 2020

Happy Easter From Tokyo Disneyland by @QalcoveArt
Source [1]

Happy Maundy Thursday everyone, (Yep, that’s a real holy day,) and welcome to our 2020 Easter Fanart Collection. We hope that you’re all staying safe and well.

Our featured image for today was created by Qalcove just a few days ago. (If you get the chance to catch one of her livestreams, don’t miss out.)  The crazy eggs with the legs and bunny ear are called Usatamas; a staple of Tokyo Disneyland’s annual Easter Parade.

And they aren’t the only Easter Eggs in this pic. There’s one of the other type as well, a reference to a Disney Afternoon cartoon program; can you spot it?

Well, while you’re thinking it over, why not check out the rest of our Easter gallery? Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We open with some pics of Nick and Judy, decorating eggs for the Easter Holiday.

#Wildehopps 2020 calendar piece — April by EdisonFox
Source [2]

“You decorate your way…and I’ll decorate mine.”

Easter Toesies by yelnats
Source [3]

Lil’ Judy decorating her ‘dream egg.’

Happy Easter by NikRaccoon
Source [4]

The finished product.

It’s Called An Easter Egg, Sweetheart by Mew-Me
Source [5]

Next up, we have some images of our favorite bunny, toting an Easter basket.

Easter Bunny Judy Hopps by BrandonOmegaX2
Source [6]

Easter – 2019 by PatrickNobles
Source [7]

Note the different size eggs in the basket, a nice touch

~Happy Easter by Kristiana_PUFF
Source [8]

And on to some pics, featuring Nick and Judy again.

The Easter Egg Nick is offering looks kind of like a Fabergé egg

Happy Easter 2019! Judy & Nick by Relaxable
Source [9]

comicde4 by untilzootopia2
Source [10]

A little confused there, Nick?

Easter 2019 by AnotherKnight33
Source [11]

Happy Easter Zootropolis by kinkei
Source [12]

Oof, she’s going to be fun to hang with for a while,

Mysterious Easter Egg by Knoton13
Source [13]

Happy Easter 2016 by Pen-Mark
Source [14]

How about a couple of Easter crossovers?

Another one of Judy Hopps and Bunnymund, the Easter Bunny from Rise of the Guardians

Why didn’t I Come Up with This On Easter by R-A-Enbows
Source [15]

What, you never heard of the Easter Brony?

Flutterhopps Easter by ClopPlots
Source [16]

One of the more popular fanart themes for this time of year; Judy conning and/or blackmailing Nick into playing the Easter Bunny.

Go For Easter! by LupiArts
Source [17]

Still Easter Somehwere by @ACA_Draw
Source [18]

Ahhh, Nick’s finally getting into the spirit of the holiday.  Note the Usatama in lower right cornet.
However there is a VERY good reason why our favorite fox doesn’t like to dress up as the Easter Bunny, (see below)

JN – Happy Easter by JudyHopps44
Source [19]

And finally…

“Oooo, I got a cute widdle Easter bunny.  I will hug him, and hold him, and pet him and squeeze him, and play with him all day long.”

Easter Hugs by danuelragon34
Source [20]

Until next year...