Art of the Day #224: Selfie!

Nick Judy Selfie by @munya_chuu
Source [1]

Oh, the famous selfie. Since 2013, when it became the word of the year, people couldn’t stop taking photos of themselves in interesting situations and places. In the city of Zootopia it’s no different. Heck, in the very first teaser trailer for the film, Nick was taking a selfie, and later, Judy got in on the fun.

For today’s collection, we’re taking a look at many of the pics dedicated to it, high or low angle, near a landmark, at a party, anything.

But first… let us take a selfie!

Enjoy, and be sure to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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Zootopia – Selfie fun with bears by weischede
Source [2]

Selfie! by Froststudios45
Source [3]

Successful Selfie by xplaysx
Source [4]

Nick’s Selfie by Bleuxwolf
Source [5]

Summer Selfie by SKdaffle
Source [6]

(Zootopia) Garry x Larry [selfie] by tamotojid
Source [7]

After show selfie by chirenbo
Source [8]

He ain’t heavy, he’s our brother

Selfie With The Bros by askclawbogo
Source [9]

“♪ I’m…too sexy for my shirt. ♫”

Buffalo Selfie time by Jazcabungcal
Source [10]

— We Should Totally Make A Movie, But First…– by Pokelai
Source [11]

You don’t see many pics of Nick with whiskers.

Lawful Selfie by Benji-Fox
Source [12]

Digital version of “Selfie!” by sgtpeppersofab
Source [13]

::Selfie!:: by Mangostaa
Source [14]
Hey, Bellwether!

They like taking selfies together by kittifiedmeow
Source [15]

Selfie time by jaesvive
Source [16]

Yeah, this is something Nick would do.

Nick and Judy Selfie(Collab with x_patam_x) by Imaplatypus
Source [17]

Selfie Time by jenarts95
Source [18]

Zootopia Judy and nick selfie by Greyaftermatht
Source [19]

Best Day Ever by 紅月
Source [20]

MuchiMuchi Clawhauser by inuiookawa
Source [21]
One of the best Zootopia Fan-Artists is iPoke.  This guy really knows how to create a picture that tells a story

Greeting From The Academy by iPoke
Source [22]

Double Image by 唯一無二のてつし
Source [23]

Groups Selfie by Chirenbo
Source [24]

Bus Stop Selfie by 8c-art
Source [25]
I guess I’ll just have to open with a pair of Dukes

Toonagram #19 by Doodley
Source [26]

Glory days by mumu202
Source [27]

Selfie Nick and Judy by Miya
Source [28]

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