Art of the Day #219

Mugshot by lokpik
Source [1]

Judging by the expression on Judy and Bellwether’s faces, I’d say Nick is the one who got them into this fine mess. Though how the heck these three could have been arrested together, I have no idea.

Note the height measurements on the wall behind them; Judy stands in at less than 3’8″, while Nick tops out the group at more than 4 feet. (He’s kind of squatting, so it’s hard to tell exactly.)

In the meantime, there was a bumper crop of new Zootopia fanart posted on the web this past week. Come check it out, and be sure to show the artists some respect by clicking on the source links.

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Zootpier by @shio_mikann
Source [2]
Nick channels Freddie Mercury
“♪Find…me…somebody to love.♫”

Somebody to Love by fox-drifter
Source [3]

It’s Starting Soon by @strawberry628
Source [4]

Sly Bunny, Dumb Fox by @i___131
Source [5]

Judy and Nick by pin 100
Source [6]

Zoot Pier Groundwave by @miroukitsu
Source [7]

Lazy Day by @ko_mote
Source [8]

Zoot Pier Tonight by @rumrock_japan
Source [9]

A Very Good Year by @mortic_ox
Source [10]
Very nice, but where’s Tod?

Four of a Kind by @uochandayo
Source [11]

TiePull by @uochandayo
Source [12]

Tie that Binds by @chigico_u
Source [13]

UKnow by @srmy_nkjd7
Source [14]

Sly Bunny by @syourinbonzu
Source [15]

Judy Hopps vs. Tempest Shadow by EJLightning007arts
Source [16]

Thank You for Zootopia by @dogear218
Source [17]

Action! by @strawberry628
Source [18]

Clowhauser-san by @hyaku1063
Source [19]

Chibi Nick and Judy by @DF_img
Source [20]

NickJudy Sketch by @CompMq
Source [21]

Sexy Cats by @41raco
Source [22]