Art of the Day #222: Zootopia / Robotica

Zootopia 2106 by TysonTan
Source [1]

For almost as long as we have been enthralled by the concept of anthropomorphic animals, robots have held an equal fascination for us. The mechanical Maria in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Robby the Robot, the Cybermen, (Technically the Daleks weren’t really robots,) Astro-Boy, “Danger, Will Robinson,” R2D2 and C3PO, V.I.N.cent and Maximilain, Voltron, The Terminator, Robocop, The Transformers, Ghost in the Shell, Pacific Rim Deus Ex Machina, and let’s not forget Disney’s own Wall-E and Baymax. If I listed them all, there wouldn’t be room for any artwork.

With that in mind, we present a collection of Zootopia fanart featuring Nick and Judy in robotic form and/or interacting with various Robots.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the artists some appreciation by clicking on the source. (And please be sure to inform them that you’re not a bot.)

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Judy in Android form.

Judy the Android Cop by TysonTan
Source [2]

And In a more ‘robotic’ mode.

Gundam Judy by 猫に釘CC
Source [3]

Cyborg Nick

Cyberpunk Nick Wilde by MetaDragonArt
Source [4]

Cyborg Judy  (Yes, she is; look closely at the eyes.)

Cyberpunk Judy Hopps by MetaDragonArt
Source [5]

I usually don’t go in for pics of Nick and Judy in humanoid form, but this one was so well done, I decided to make an exception 

Cyborg Nick and Judy by SUBARU
Source [6]
Say ‘hello’ to her lil’ mechanical frien’.

Judy Mech by akela333
Source [7]
Nick in Cyborg form again. (note the legs and the left arm.)

Commission for AgentExeider by sprinkah
Source [8]
Nick and Judy Battle-Bots

BattleRobot-Judy and Nick by RCJ
Source [9]

And now a few crossover pics.


The title of this on is self-explanatory.

bun in the shell by leondraw
Source [10]

Of course we have a Five Nights at Freddy’s crossover; gotta have that.

FNAFtoopia by havickart
Source [11]
The closest thing to a decent Zootopia X the Iron Giant crossover that I was able to find.  You have to love the way Q-M-C drew the giant.

Sketch dump_Judy Hopps-The Iron Giant by Quirky-Middle-Child
Source [12]

Nick and Judy and Wall-E and Eve

Wall-E y Zootopia 1 by cofcat 7W7
Source [13]
I don’t think he’s you’re type Eve.  (Besides, if Judy finds out, she’s gonna trade you in for an espresso machine.)

Euphonemes by ahappypichu-mod
Source [14]

Another one with a self explanatory title

overwatch X Zootopia D.Va Hopps by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [15]

Why not?  Ir works on pop machines.

Judy and her Battle Droid…Trainer? by Officer Judy-Hopps
Source [16]

Some situations call for heavier ordnance.

Judy Hopps with her Super Droids by Officer Judy-Hopps
Source [17]
“Your move, creep.”

RoboHopps by RodenBeard
Source [18]
Okay, this is a rare one, a crossover between Zootopia and Chappie, a film very few people saw.  (written and directed by Neil Blomkamp, of District 9 fame).   The ‘ears’ on Chappie were not added in by the artist to make him more ‘Zootopian’; this is more or less exactly how he appeared in the film.

crossover judy and chappie sketch by HTECore
Source [19]
Judy meets MegaMan

Judy X Megaman by jobbythehong
Source [20]
Nick and Baymax.  (Don’t be mad, be glad, fox.  Judy could be recording this.)

Zoomax by ShinGallon
Source [21]

We close with an amazing mashup series by artist Peter Kothe,  Zootopia X Big Hero Six X Pacific Rim X various and sundry Disney Villains in Kaiju form


Ready for Battle

Gipsy Danger Z2 by Peter Kothe by peterkothe
Source [22]
Baymax Danger Vs. Kaiju Tamatoa (Moana.)

Zootopia PacRim by peterkothe
Source [23]
Next 2 pics: Baymax Danger vs. Kaiju Ursula

Sushi,Carrots by peterkothe
Source [24]

SushiCarrots2 by peterkothe
Source [25]
Baymax Danger to the rescue

Savetheday by peterkothe
Source [26]
Squaring off in Sahara Square.  Jafar works well as a Kaiju, doesn’t he?

Baymaxdanger vs Jafar by peterkothe
Source [27]


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