Story: A Weasel’s Watch

Art by Riokan

[Rating T13][Crime][Drama][Hurt/Comfort][Romance][OC][Complete]

Remember Weaselton, the honorary Duke of Bootleg from the movie? Well, he’s got a nephew, Reggie Weaselton, in this fantastic tale from ConfusedGoatee — and not only that, he’s also Precinct One’s fresh new small officer. Join him in his incredible personal journey of being a cop in the big city: navigating the ins and outs of the department, making friends and enemies among his work colleagues, delving into the criminal underworld undercover, the whole works. And if that doesn’t tempt you enough, Reggie himself is a wonderfully nuanced hero we can all root for – you’ll have a blast learning his story as he discovers who he is, makes amends with his colorful past, and connects with what can best be described as a smorgasbord of interesting characters. “A Weasel’s Watch” is well worth your consideration, an OC-oriented work unparalleled in its length and scope, and having recently just been completed, what better time to read it? ~DrummerMax64

Author: ConfusedGoatee

Description :
Three years after the Nighthowler and missing mammals cases, a new face with a familiar last name arrives at Precinct One. Follow along as newly minted Officer Reginald C. Weaselton goes through his first year in the ZPD.

A Weasel’s Watch
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