Art of the Day #223

Cherry Blossom by weketa
Source [1]

Nick and Judy together under the falling cherry blossoms. I really like this GIF; it has almost an impressionist feel to it. (And how can they NOT want to ship after this?)

And so once more we present a random collection of Zootopia fanart for your enjoyment. And don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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NikJudi by @kimagurewface
Source [2]

Cheap Sunglasses by @shirokumaou
Source [3]

DayintheLife by @nora_kokoko
Source [4]

Traffic Cops by @mortic_ox
Source [5]

HiSpeed Pursuit by @yasiplay
Source [6]

Elevator by @yasiplay
Source [7]

Bullpen1 by @yasiplay
Source [8]

Bullpen2 by @yasiplay
Source [9]

Nick and Judy Ears by @natsuki_iori
Source [10]

CameraGold by @ezumi_mh
Source [11]

Finnick Character Sheet by @A_KAchen
Source [12]

Grumpy Finnick by @A_KAchen
Source [13]

Finnick is Pushing by @A_KAchen
Source [14]

Three Seconds Before the Thunder Falls by @ulako414
Source [15]

Congratulations by @mukushibaztp
Source [16]

Nick Wilde Character Sheet by @ovopack
Source [17]

Young Nick Character Sheet by @ovopack
Source [18]

Nick by @ovopack
Source [19]

CasualJudy by @halux3
Source [20]

CarrotPawp by @runekotesu
Source [21]

NotNow by @runekotesu
Source [22]

NickJudy by @halux3
Source [23]

MovieNite by @shio_mikann
Source [24]


  1. Love "Not Now" and "Finnish is Pushing." They're all nicely done, but those two really jumped out at me.

    On your question "How can they not want to ship," I'm a little lost on who "they" are. Nick and Judy? Fans who don't ship them? Clarity, please.

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