Art of the Day #226: Nick and Judy’s Wedding Album

I Want To Dream of You Foreve-10 by Borba
Source [1]

There is probably nothing that has been the subject of more Zootopia fanart than Wildehopps.

And of that one of the most popular (if not the most popular) items has been Nick and Judy’s wedding day.

And June, as everyone knows, is the most popular moth for weddings, and so with that in mind, we present Nick and Judy’s wedding album. Enjoy, and be sure to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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It all begins with a proposal.  Will Nick be shy about it?

Zootopia fan Art by KeungLee
Source [2]
Or will he behave with his usual savior-faire?

Partner by iPoke
Source [3]
Of course, there’s always the possibility that Judy may be the one to pop the question.

So What Do Ya Say by The Winter Bunny
Source [4]

No, we think a more romantic setting is in order.

One hudnred kisses for a proposal by Ziegelzeig
Source [5]
Judy may surprised at first…

Will You Marry Me by Freedomthai
Source [6]
…but no one can doubt what her answer will be.

She said yes by Mola
Source [7]
And now, haste to the wedding.


Stu prepares to give away the bride.

Father of the Bride by motsuko8
Source [8]
Here’s a couple of interesting pictures, done by different artists at different times, and yet you might be tempted to think they’re part of a series
1. Nick and Judy, western-style wedding

Wildehopps wedding Portrait! by junatriforce
Source [9]

2. Nick and Judy, Japanese wedding.

Nick and Judy – Japanese Wedding by the living shadow
Source [10]

Methinks they could have picked someone better to officiate. (What is this, an Eastern Orthodox ceremony?)

Zootopia Wedding by LOLDisney
Source [11]
And so they prepare to recite their vows.

its not finished by @ydk_disney
Source [12]
A quick gaze

Together by みか
Source [13]
The words are spoken, the promises made.

Heartwarming by マミル
Source [14]
You may kiss the bride.

Under a Crescent Moon by skeletonguys-and-ragdolls
Source [15]
And so the deed is done

Wildehopps Wedding (Coloring) by sk1 symphony
Source [16]

Ladies and gentlemammals, Mr. and Mrs. Nick and Judy Wilde

zootopia – we are married(*ˊᵕˋ*)♥ by mei0619
Source [17]


A Wedding by 樂之米菈 Rozemira
Source [18]
And now, it’s off to the wedding reception.

Zootopia – Just Married by CyberPikachu
Source [19]

It’s going be some party!

Reception1 by ストリク(Streak)
Source [20]

Nick dances with his bride.

White Day by ziyoling
Source [21]
And of course no wedding would be complete without the cutting of the cake.

WildeHopps Wedding by myrza289
Source [22]
 Nick and Judy prepare to take off for their honeymoon

pls married Nick&Juddy by eathron
Source [23]
May all their days be filled with joy.

Marry Me by CPKon
Source [24]

We can only hope that Doug and his goons don’t try to cash the ceremony.

An Undercover Wedding by Mr-Punctual
Source [25]
Although we have to admit it would liven things up.

Zootopia 2 by Hawberries
Source [26]
And that’s all for this one mammals.  Until next time, we leave you with this musical thought:


  1. How critics and mainstream audiences view Zootopia: Dark real world social commentary on racial profiling.

    How fans view Zootopia: WildeHopps up the wazoo!

  2. Uh, the top image "I Want To Dream of You Foreve-10" was drawn by Borba. His art style is pretty obvious, and clicking the image takes you to his post on deviantart.

    Furthermore, he was the guy who did IWS. Hardly an unknown artist, he's outright notorious!

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