Story: The Brothers Wilde

Art by A-KA

[Rating M16][Action][Adventure][AU][Complete]

When you’re a con-mammal, how can you be so sure what in life is real and what’s just part of the heist? “The Brothers Wilde,” based on the 2008 film “The Brothers Bloom” starring Adrien Brody, Rachel Weisz and more, tackles this very concept in one of the top AUs you’re going to read in this entire fandom, hands down. Here, Nick and Finnick are imagined as brothers who become some of the most successful con artists the world over. But when Judy, here the target of one of their cons, enters Nick’s life, a new life — one he previously thought impossible — begins forming in his imagination. “The Brothers Wilde” is packed with a bevy of twists and turns, so much so that you’re kept on your toes until the very last word is read. A wild(e), deeply satisfying ride. ~YFWE

Author: JudysCarrotPen (toriels_sock_drawer)

Description :
An AU based on the movie “The Brothers Bloom” (2008). Finnick and Nick Wilde are a pair of notorious con artists who have traveled the globe. Nick is tired of the life, and he wants out. Finnick convinces him to do one last con together, and he promises to set him free to live an “unwritten life.” Their last and final mark: a quiet and secluded heiress named Judy Hopps.

The Brothers Wilde

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