Story: Of Your Complexion

Art by fogreptile

[Rating T13][Comedy][Romance][AU][Incomplete]

Shakespeare fan? Then check out “Of Your Complexion,” a retelling of the legendary playwright’s gender-bending presentation “Twelfth Night” with — you guessed it! — characters from Zootopia. Even if you prefer your storylines written sometime in the last few centuries, the fantastic comedy of “Of Your Complexion,” which inserts Zootopia references amid its usage of the original play’s plot points, should keep you more than entertained. ~YFWE

Author: JudysCarrotPen (toriels_sock_drawer)

Description :
Identical twins Jack and Judy Hopps are sailing towards the land of Terrafossida, when their ship gets wrecked in a violent storm. With her brother presumed dead, Judy washes ashore the island of Zootopia, where a melodramatic and lovestruck duke by the name of Nicholas Wilde lives. She decides to present herself as a boy to the duke in order to earn a job serving him, but things take a turn for chaos when she is tasked to court his love interest–a cold and distant duchess–while at the same time falling for her master.

Of Your Complexion

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