Story: Weaselling

Art by: nik159 [Rating T13][Crime][Humor] Everyone’s favorite two-bit criminal finally gets the story he deserves, and boy is it a doozy. For what little screetime he got in the movie, Duke is fleshed out quite a bit here, along with…family. […]


Story: Something Stinks

Art by: KungFuFreak07 [Rating K9][Mystery][Adventure] Taking place in the time between Bellwether’s arrest and Nick’s graduation, Something Stinks introduces us to compelling mystery regarding Night Howlers and their commercial and domesticated use before being used as a weapon of mass […]


Art of the Day #102

Digital version of “Selfie!” by sgtpeppersofab Source [1] Well, isn’t that a cute selfie… Get more cute pictures after the break! [Title Unknown] by archiveofzootopia Source [2] [Title Unknown] by crewefox Source [3] [Title Unknown] by ieatpockey Source [4] Nick […]


Story: The Fall

Art: Ziegelzeig [Rating T13][Drama][Hurt][Comfort] For an original character in Zootopia, Edward Snow is a compelling and fascinating mammal. D3ath_0ps expertly crafts his OC to fit into the fear-ridden city that we know exists following Judy Hopps’ announcement about predators’ biological […]


Story: The New Age

Art by: TurningTides [Rating T13][Drama] [Suspense] In “The New Age,” we dip into radredknuxfan’s Zistopic world where division among predator and prey runs deeper than ever, and crooked Mayor Bellwether rules over the city with an iron hoof. As our […]


Story: Three Months a Fox

Art by: WildeNick [Rating M16][Tragedy][Suspense] At first glance, this seems to be the story of what Nick was up to during those three months after the press conference. In actuality, it’s more like what the entire city was up to. […]