Story: The Fall

Art: Ziegelzeig

[Rating T13][Drama][Hurt][Comfort]

For an original character in Zootopia, Edward Snow is a compelling and fascinating mammal. D3ath_0ps expertly crafts his OC to fit into the fear-ridden city that we know exists following Judy Hopps’ announcement about predators’ biological predilections. The author explores a world filled with barely-hidden fear and anger, and he does it so well through a character that is relatable and meaningful. Truly, “The Fall” is an enthralling character study and a powerful exposé into the seedy underbelly of Zootopia. – Euphonemes

Author: D3ath_0ps

Description :
Savage predators are plaguing the streets of Zootopia and the prejudice in the city is worsening. Edward Snow, a wolf, predator, and writer for the newspaper company, the Daily Gazette, returns sorrowfully to his boring work-life. Not only will he face being judged by who he is as a predatory animal, he’ll be tasked with creating the story of the century, or face unemployment.

The Fall
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  1. yay, I was hoping this story would get featured! cool to see it here. Also, you guys should do more interviews soon those were cool. i'd love to see more, especially with some awesome authors in the fandom like kittah, ktkr, and upplet. hope you can make more soon

    • Yeah, we need more cool znn reviews, asap! Those are some very good suggestions, since both Kittah4 and Upplet are amazing authors, though i've never heard of this ktkr person before. Make it happen, znn. ps:cool new story addition 😛

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