Story: The New Age

Art by: TurningTides

[Rating T13][Drama] [Suspense]

In “The New Age,” we dip into radredknuxfan’s Zistopic world where division among predator and prey runs deeper than ever, and crooked Mayor Bellwether rules over the city with an iron hoof. As our heroes prepare to take on the mayor and resurrect their once-proud city, you will experience the delightfully off-putting sense of paranoia that feeds this story and its characters. The tension created by a place with ever-present cameras, shock collars and prejudice makes for an interesting read, and you’ll soon find yourself wondering if the heroes’ plan to free Zootopia will ever come to fruition. -Euphonemes

Author: radredknuxfan

Description :
Bellwether’s plan goes off without a hitch, and in an effort to assert her power, she brings back the tame collars in an attempt to control the predator population. As for Nick and Judy, they’re trying their best to live their lives, but when things get worse, they know that they have to stop her.

The New Age
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