Story: Three Months a Fox

Art by: WildeNick

[Rating M16][Tragedy][Suspense]

At first glance, this seems to be the story of what Nick was up to during those three months after the press conference. In actuality, it’s more like what the entire city was up to. Delving into a surprisingly unexplored gap of time, this fic pulls no punches in describing how everything changed during the height of the savage crisis, and in ways you probably never even thought of. The level of detail and worldbuilding in this story is unlike almost any other I’ve seen, complete with news reports, political intrigue, and the lasting effects of rodents on the Zootopian economy. -Berserker88

Author: WildeNick

Description :
Picking up just seconds after Nick is crushed at the ZPD presser, follow him on a 3 month journey of self-discovery and survival of ‘The City Gripped by Fear’. Along the way there are more attacks, protests, a new mayor, and a deviously unfolding plot to turn Zootopia against predators. While he will inevitably end up under a bridge with Judy, this is the story of how he gets there

Three Months a Fox

Additional Tags: Nick’s trauma is only just beginning


    • Yep, according to the directors, there was a three month gap from the press conference until the revelation that the Night Howlers were flowers.

      Judy returned to Bunnyburrow at some point during those three months, but when isn't covered.

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