Story: Zootopia: Firewatch

Art: xNIR0x [Rating T13][Humor] [Romance] It seems like a simple premise: the game “Firewatch,” but with Zootopia’s characters. What Bluelighthouse does with “Zootopia: Firewatch,” however, far exceeds that simple premise. The author creates a brand new and fascinating world that […]


ZMV: Shine – Zootopia

Hold on to your fortifications, because we’re about to drop the bass! (dodges tomatoes flying out of my computer screen) Okay, yeah, that was a bad pun, but we’ve got a very cool ZMV for you today!  Set to the […]


Story: Constants

Art by: Ziegelzeig [Rating T13][Romance][Friendship][Hurt/Comfort] Set in tarienn’s phenomenal “Contrasts” universe, this is a story that examines another emerging interspecies relationship besides Nick and Judy’s, one that has been steadily growing from its early roots for quite some time. You’ll […]


Story: Forty Glimpses

Art by: Tragobear [Rating T13][Slice of Life][Humor][Drama][Collection] Here’s another excellent drabble collection for you all to sink your teeth into! Starting out with forty words and a little blurb to accompany each one, CDNCrow goes down the list and constructs […]


Story: Stars

Art by: Shuploc [Rating T13][Friendship][Humor][Feels][Complete] A splendid story that tracks the growth of Nick and Judy’s unique and special bond as the fox endures the trials at the academy, all told through the medium of a digital screen. Limiting the […]


Story: Hyenahurst

Art by: flakjackal [Rating T13][Friendship][Drama] As far as OC-driven stories go, this one is a real hoot. Focused around a particular area within the city, you will explore the depths of this dilapidated locale and follow a group of teenagers […]