Zootopian Mafia: an Album for Koslov!

Poor Koslov.  He, and his son Morris, were such a big part of the the earlier drafts of Zootopia that the scene where Morris gets his collar was the sole reason they kept that concept for so long.  Sadly, Koslov only made it into the movie as a glorified henchman, and Morris was lost entirely.

Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t breathe some new life into them!  After all, we’re fans!  Fans have done much crazier things with background characters.  Dedicating an album to them is the least we can do!

This album comes to us from an artist called Party Klann Tunes, who has given Koslov and Morris some pretty sweet beats.  I could totally picture these being played in a club of some sort.  Probably one with a lot of laser and strobe lights.

Check out the four-track album, Zootopian Mafia, over on bandcamp!


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