Comic: Savage Company – Prologue and Chapter 1 (part 1) (Original by Yitexity)

[Rated M-16]
Who wants to see an artist improve dramatically over a relatively short period of time?  How about we throw in a touch of conspiracy, emotional tension, and a little bit of PTSD?  Mix them all together and you’ve got Savage Company!
This comic, written and drawn by Yitexity, is enormous.  The first chapter alone is over 40 pages long, and he’s still working on chapters two and three.  So, to be a bit kinder to those of you reading on mobile, we’re going to be dividing chapter 1 into two 21-23 page parts.  It’s still a lot, but it’s not going to eat up your data.
Overall, so far it’s a great comic with a lot of obvious thought and care going into it, and I can’t wait to see more!
Check it out for yourself over on deviantart, or after the break!


  1. holy shnit.. that's amazing…keep up the "AWESOME" work..

    honestly i thought i was going crazy when i saw judy blinking..
    Had to spent a few seconds there to realize what's going on
    i have to say..didn't expect that.. 😀

  2. Been following this comic for a while now, forgot how just how much they've improved since they started (the characters don't look the same style at all).

  3. I remember seeing a panel of this a while ago and going "Wow, I want to see more of this!" Thanks for letting me get to read more of this comic!

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